Steam yacht Cangarda

Restoring Cangarda

Cangarda was rebuilt fifty feet from our office here in Richmond, California. She has a 100% new welded steel structure (the old, rusty, riveted hull was cut up for scrap). Here's what we did:

Cangarda photos


Cangarda combines the surnames of the original owner Charles Canfield and his wife Belle Gardner.The vessel was built in 1901 at the Pusey and Jones Shipyard in Wilmington, Delaware Here's a picture after commissioning at the P&J dock:

Cangarda at P&J.jpg (15997 bytes)

At the Pusey and Jones dock in 1901

In its heyday.jpg (18472 bytes)

In her heyday

after house.jpg (164923 bytes)

Pre-restoration photo of the deck house built with exquisite Cuban mahogany joinery

Cangarda was sold to George T. Fulford and renamed Magedoma.  This stunning yacht operated famously in the Thousand Islands area until WWII.  Thereafter she went into decline, eventually sank at a dock in Boston in 1999. 

nadir.jpg (17023 bytes)

Boston Harbor 1999...the nadir

Cangarda was saved from sure extinction by Elizabeth Meyer, the doyenne of yacht preservation in US, well know for her restoration of Endeavour.

Launching pix

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